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  • Identifying and defeating a plateau What is an exercise plateau?A state of little or no change in your routine. This could affect how much weight you lift or your weight not changing. How do I overcome a plateau?Re-adjust your volume and intensity. These terms are commonly used when discussing periodization. Volume is the product of sets times repetitions. The intensity is measured by your maximum repetition or difficulty of an exercise. People like to call this “tricking” your muscles. In reality your muscles do not think. By re-adjusting your volume and intensity, your body will identify unfamiliar patterns allowing it to break out of its normal routine. An example of re-adjusting your workout could be lowering the weights and doing ...
    Posted Jan 23, 2018, 11:47 AM by Megan Niño
  • Thanksgiving Tips Happy Thanksgiving everyone! While some people are excited for the ultimate cheat day, others may be a little worried about over eating. These tips may not apply to everyone, but they will help those who have this concern at for forefront of their mind. Here are 3 ways to keep you from from possibly regretting your decisions tomorrow:1. Grab a small plate so that you can limit your portion size. 2. Don't allow your eyes to be bigger than your mouth. We have the habit of treating Thanksgiving like a buffet and although it may be, grab your food with the hopes of having seconds. If you do or don't is on you. You will notice you ...
    Posted Nov 24, 2016, 10:37 AM by Megan Niño
  • What Should I Eat? "What Should I Eat?"  By. Megan Nino    The biggest question people ask me is how they should eat to lose weight or gain muscle. I typically translate it as "How should I eat to be healthier and reach my goals?" Because everyone is different, this isn't a cookie cutter type of "diet." It's all about learning to include variety, eat nutrient filled foods, and learning what portion sizes are right for you and your lifestyle. My goal is to teach people to moderate their eating and to implement healthier foods into their eating habit. Here is an easy breakdown of what a sample meal may look like. Daily Calorie Expectation: ~10cal/ lb in body weight and on active ...
    Posted Sep 3, 2016, 7:54 AM by Megan Niño
  • Sizzlin' Summer Fun Between all the bbq-ing, traveling, and day long happy hours. I know how difficult it could be to maintain the physique you've been training to have. Don't let all the weekend meal-prepping sessions go to waste! Here are 5 ways to stay focused and still have fun during these blissful months:1. Stay activeStaying active can be challenging if you are traveling a lot or are always out and about. Make a commitment of exercising a minimum of 30 minutes a day. If you do not have access to weights, explore a new style of exercise to peak your interest such as calisthetics, plyometrics, cardio with a moderate/high intensity or traditional body weight exercises ...
    Posted Aug 28, 2016, 10:33 AM by Megan Niño
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Why Personalize Exercise?

Today it is common for the media to have influence of what people should look like and what people should want, however the reality is that every person is different. Humans have unique coding called DNA and this determines a lot of physical/physiological characteristics from facial features to muscular fiber types. Because of physical differences and goals, planning a fitness routine varies person to person... More

Fall Prevention

As our parents and grandparents grow older, concerns of them falling increase and can be very stressful to think about. 1 of 3 people, ages 65 and up fall and 20-30% of these people who fall, suffer from minor injuries. (CDC, 2015) One of the most common injuries from falling are hip fractures with affect 90% of seniors who fall. (Graafmans, 1996)Falling has the potential to become costly, debilitating, and/or fatal. It is important to be prepared for these incidents to protect ourselves and our loved ones... Read More

Enhance Your Lifestyle

“I want to enjoy my family and keep up with my grandchildren.” - Rosa

As a person ages, their bodies change. Their bone density, coordination, reaction time, metabolism and musculature usually decrease. Risk factors become more relevant and illnesses/diseases can begin to surface. It is common today to hear about the benefits of exercise, but how will exercise improve your daily livelihood?...Read More

What Style of Exercise Works Best for You?

There are many exercise programs and personal trainers being marketed as the “next big thing” or already have the reputation of being effective. How do you know that you are following the right program? Each program will be GENERALLY explained below. Remember that everyone has different body types and situations. The exercise prescription will vary per person... Read More

How Exercise is Preventative

Exercise science can be separated into three categories: rehabilitation, performance, and prevention. However, exercise science has always been viewed as being in the realm of rehabilitation, such as physical therapy, and strength and conditioning for athletes. With a generation that is becoming more health conscious due to  high disease rates of middle aged people and senior citizens, the field of prevention has been growing rapidly. Exercise as prevention is the improvement of health “or”? or “and”  quality of life in an individual using a combination of exercise and other healthier choices... Read More