Enhance Your Lifestyle

By. Megan A Nino

“I want to enjoy my family and keep up with my grandchildren.” - Rosa

As a person ages, their bodies change. Their bone density, coordination, reaction time, metabolism and musculature usually decrease. Risk factors become more relevant and illnesses/diseases can begin to surface. It is common today to hear about the benefits of exercise, but how will exercise improve your daily livelihood? I have a few clients, ages 45 and up, who exercise not only for the preventative advantages and weight loss, but to improve their overall quality of life, which includes comfort and happiness. Here are some exercises that are important for maintaining and improving overall function:

  1. Core exercises to your regimen can improve coordination and reduce tripping and falling. Core exercises can also help improve your ability to stand up and sit down.

  2. Strength training, and functional training will help stabilize your joints and will create ease in your daily activities, such as picking up groceries or pushing a lawn mower.

  3. Cardio will improve your cardiovascular health and will help maintain your bone density.

Developing a program that implements these three modes of exercise will promote weight loss, muscular development and reduce the chances of injury. These are major components that may help create ease in your everyday life.

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