Why Personalize Fitness? By: Megan Nino

Today it is common for the media to have influence on what people should look like and what people should want, however the reality is that every person is different. Humans have unique coding called DNA and this determines a lot of physical/physiological characteristics from facial features to muscular fiber types. Because of physical differences and goals, planning a fitness routine varies person to person. A personalized fitness training program is exercise prescription (ExRx) written by a kinesiologist or personal trainer that strategically plans physical development of the trainee based on the trainees goals and needs after a fitness assessment is conducted.

Fitness Assessments assist the fitness professional by providing a physical baseline that is also a starting point to track progress. Different exercises have different purposes from improving agility & power, increasing cardiovascular capacity, and building muscular strength & size. Depending on a person’s goals and physical abilities during the assessment, these modes of training are strategically combined throughout the entire program duration leading to the given goal.

        For example, you may see the media portray fat loss by running or lifting weights, which both benefit the weight loss process. However, it is not realistic because tracking progress and developing a strategic plan to lose the weight in a specific time frame are limited. Depending on the person, a weight loss program will include cardio, endurance training and strength training at specific intensities, as well as changing certain eating habits.

         In conclusion, exercise programs aren’t cookie cutter. Many mainstream exercises have many benefits and are a good start, but don’t cater to all individuals. There is a science behind personalized programming.


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