What Style of Exercise Works Best For You?

By Megan A. Nino

There are many exercise programs and personal trainers being marketed as the “next big thing” or already have the reputation of being effective. How do you know that you are following the right program? Each program will be GENERALLY explained below. Remember that everyone has different body types and situations. The exercise prescription will vary per person.

Are you trying to lose weight?

There are quite a few exercise programs that are effective weight loss regimens. Most of these programs revolve around building strength, while shedding fat. They will be moderate to high intensity, high volume (lots of repetition) exercises, such as circuits, with little rest. Unless you are training multiple times a week, all muscle groups should be targeted through various body weight, weighted, and performance type exercises. This style of training increases your heart rate and promotes building muscular strength.

Benefits: Builds endurance and strength and promotes fat loss and muscle “toning”

Are you trying to build muscle?

Unless you are track runner, muscle building regimens will be low volume, moderate to high intensity exercises. Be prepared to spend time in the weight room, most muscle building exercises require weights and machines. Exercises will be done with lower repetition and the weights will be heavier than the endurance training explained above.

If you are trying to lean out and build some muscle, cardio on a weekly basis is necessary. If you are a woman who wants to tone up or build some muscle, the average woman cannot gain muscle like a man because women do not contain enough testosterone. Building muscle also helps with weight loss because the more muscle you have the faster your metabolism is.

Benefits: Builds strength and muscle, and promotes weight loss

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