Thanksgiving Tips

posted Nov 24, 2016, 10:37 AM by Megan Niño

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! While some people are excited for the ultimate cheat day, others may be a little worried about over eating. These tips may not apply to everyone, but they will help those who have this concern at for forefront of their mind. Here are 3 ways to keep you from from possibly regretting your decisions tomorrow:

1. Grab a small plate so that you can limit your portion size. 
2. Don't allow your eyes to be bigger than your mouth. We have the habit of treating Thanksgiving like a buffet and although it may be, grab your food with the hopes of having seconds. If you do or don't is on you. You will notice you will eat less and won't waste as much food.
3. Eat slowly and drink water to help with digestion and to prevent over eating

On a side note, I feel it is important that you enjoy your time with family and friends today and make a decision to be grateful everyday of your life. When you do, see how much your life will be different moving forward. Best!