Steve's Story

Steve, 62, is an entrepreneur, owns and manages multiple properties, cares for his family and serves his community in many different ways. In the summer of 2014, Steve began an exercise program to help heal and strengthen his shoulder after a long term injury. In about 4-5 months, his shoulder pain had ceased and he also regained overall stability and mobility. He now works more efficiently constructing his home projects and pursuing other hobbies than ever before without the limitations of shoulder pain and falling. He continues to work with Megan to continue improving his lifestyle. 

Steve's 3 main reasons why a busy guy like himself continues his regimen is because:

1. He needs a "mother" to tell him what to do
2. Having skin in the game a.k.a paying for the services holds him more accountable to showing up.
3. The most important reason for him is living to the age of 95 and being as productive as he is at 62.