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Angelica responded to the article Weight Loss vs Fat Loss using her experience. In the beginning she was highly dependent on using the scale until she learned the difference between weight loss and fat loss. As she began to quickly lose "weight," she got more confident in herself and especially in the program! Over time, she focused more on her waist line and muscle toning than the number on the scale. She really worked hard and succeeded. Great job Angelica!

"Had the opportunity to train with Megan in college, she was a very thorough, professional and did a great job motivating myself and my UIC teammates in the early Chicago spring." -Michael Dutczak, Cyclist, Chicago

"I started working with Megan 6 months ago, hoping to jump start training for a triathlon. Megan is a great coach; she is firm but encouraging, and makes sure we try something unique at every session. She incorporates my interests into our training program and comes up with creative exercises to address areas of weakness. Since I started training with Megan I've lost 8 lbs and increased my running distance while decreasing my time. I feel toned and fit and noticeably stronger. I always look forward to our weekly sessions!"- Rebecca C., King of Prussia

"I started training with Megan when I moved to King of Prussia. I am a 62 year old woman who has done 6 Half Marathons. She is helping me train for number 7 and 8. More importantly, she has my training geared towards being a grandmother of a newborn. I can hold my grandson indefinitely without getting tired. The core work has improved my balance, which can be an issue as I age. She continues to change the workout so it does not get boring and continues to challenge me so I am getting stronger with each workout. If you are looking for a trainer, Megan is worth checking out!!" - Helen C., King of Prussia

"I heard about Megan through a friend, I had been frustrated with the regular gym routine and wanted someone to push me past my limits. I wanted results. A friend and I decided to take sessions with Megan together,  I would highly recommend recruiting a friend to join the sessions as it adds an extra layer of motivation. Megan maintains a positive attitude and wants to see you succeed. She will challenge you but she will not let you do things that may cause injury.  She pays complete attention to your needs and progress and will work with you to reach your goals. Megan is professional, punctual, has a sense of humor, and is worth every penny! I miss having her in Chicago and highly recommend her to anyone wanting to look and feel great."  -Natalia, Chicago

Steve O., Berwyn

Mike Dutczach, Chicago

Rebecca & Mike C., KOP